Closed-loop marketing delivers optimal ROI.

When it comes to fintech business development, inbound marketing is the most efficient and strategic spend of your marketing dollars. Unlike expensive outbound marketing tactics (e.g., trade shows, cold calling, environmental ads, etc.), inbound offers a much more targeted marketing approach with a very simple premise: sharing the right branded content with the right person (read: your ideal customer) at the right time (e.g., when they are most ready to enter your sales funnel and begin their buyer’s journey).

From digital marketing to segmented email nurturing to deal-clinching final touchpoints, inbound marketing automates the majority of the sales pipeline so your business development team can focus on what it does best: strategy and closing. In turn, you’ll be in the position to expand and optimize your userbase, meet your growth goals, and, ultimately, qualify for next-round funding and grab the attention of would-be investors.

In this free, on-demand webinar, we’ll provide an overview of inbound marketing before diving in on the tools you need to successfully implement an inbound marketing campaign and how exactly you can use them to succeed. Specifically, we’ll focus on HubSpot, a suite of tools considered the best in the game when it comes to executing inbound. With its robust data reporting capacity and lead-tracking features, HubSpot makes marketing a science, not just an art.

Tune in to hear our webinar host and resident HubSpot expert discuss what HubSpot is and how to leverage its Marketing and Sales Professional Hubs to:

  • Drive more potential customers to your website
  • Convert more website visitors into leads
  • Nurture leads through an automated email campaign
  • Prime leads for your sales team to close
  • Delight and upsell existing customers and convert them into brand evangelists
  • Utilize reporting data to continually optimize your digital content strategy and marketing ROI