Social media choices should be made in strategic service to your customers and brand. 

You’ve captured great content you think your audience will love. You upload your image, write your copy, and you’re ready to publish. Your cursor hovers over the post button as you give your words one final read-through. All systems go, right?

Not so fast. Before you fire off content, it’s important to think strategically about what you’re putting in front of potential customers. Social media isn’t just a platform for frivolous entertainment; it’s an important forum for exchanging ideas and nurturing leads. The content you share should treat it as such.

That is to say, you can post something every day, but if it doesn’t align with some larger goals, your efforts will be fruitless and potentially harmful to the reputation you’re trying to build. Haphazard posting can muddy your brand and fail to resonate with (or even alienate) your followers. In contrast, having a social media strategy helps ensure that your efforts support your goals, are measurably worth the time and effort, and resonate with leads through every stage of the buyer’s journey. This guide will help you develop your social media strategy in six straightforward steps.